V’Day just got real!

Here’s how to deliver big, save on time and help the planet.

Whether St. Valentine’s Day for you means a Hallmark celebration or something more significant, cooking with the wonderbag will change the way you entertain for the better.

Operating without electricity, fuel or battery power, wonderbag’s sustainable low-tech insulation not only means failsafe, perfectly-cooked, heart-warming meals every time, it also delivers ‘take away’ convenience as it cooks without supervision giving you more time to attend to your Valentine.

Economically kind to the planet, on your wallet and super convenient – this is how to take charge of date night:

The Dish

We recommend tapping into the sweet aphrodisiac of Slow Cooked Oysters and pairing them with Champagne. Remember your wonderbag can be used to chill your beverage of choice in addition to slow cooking your dish.

Shop Local

It is a romantic meal but that doesn’t mean you need to travel far or buy fancy imported ingredients. Shop locally and support homegrown food producers at the nearby market or green grocer. We recommend cooking with fresh, seasonal produce, aside from the benefits to your bank account, you’ll find the delicious taste unbeatable.

Buy Organic

Winter brings an abundance of choice to cook with - root vegetables, cabbages, and kale all thrive in the cold, plus citrus fruits are particularly good this time of year and a great addition to any recipe. Try to buy organic whenever possible, especially when buying your root vegetables, dairy, eggs, and meat, to avoid any toxins stored during production.

Save Your Energy

Since it’s St. Valentine’s Day, let’s reserve those energy cylinders! The most stressful part of the day is often heading home and trying to think about what to put on dinner plates, it’s also when we have the least amount of verve and time!

Use your morning energy to prep your dish by simply bringing it to the boil, then allow the wonderbag to continue the cooking process while you head off for the day.

It’s completely stress-free as nothing is left plugged-in, and your dish will never over-cook or burn thanks to wonderbag’s low-tech heat-retention technique.

Use Less Water

Cooking on the stove evaporates liquids in dishes calling for larger quantities, but by reducing time spent over the stove and transferring your dish to the wonderbag, you’ll find far less liquid (or wine, for example!) is required, saving more for you and your guest.

Cook Without Power

You heard! No power. No fuel. No batteries. The wonderbag operates completely powerless and without supervision not only saving the energy in your home, but there’s now also more energy to devote to your Valentine.

Turn The Lights Off

After all it’s St. Valentine’s Day, nothing says romance more than lighting a few candles and enjoying a home-cooked delicious meal by candlelight.

Enjoy V’Day dinner anywhere

Powerless is powerful, and now, thanks to wonderbag, you can eat your V’Day dinner at the park, on the beach or setup a cosy spot in the lounge. The wonderbag will continue to cook and keep your dish tenderized, ready to be eaten wherever you are.

Reduce Waste – Use The Leftovers

Slow and steady wins the race in love, cooking and, you guessed it, leftovers! Our wonderbag chef has endless ideas for breathing passion into dishes the next day. We’d love to hear what you cooked your Valentine in your wonderbag. 

Here’s how to get in touch: http://mywonderbag.com/my-chef/